Almost four years after my last disastrous blog attempt, I have decided to try this whole “blogging” experience once more. I had been reading a lot of blogs lately (thank you Pinterest) and was feeling pretty intimidated.  I wasn’t sure I could do this but I really wanted to create a place where folks could access my weekly dinner menus, healthy recipes,  useful cooking tips and my fitness  journey through Beachbody!
After hours of researching self hosting vs. a hosted blog, installing blogging software and trying to figure out how to use that blogging software, I have arrived!  I think.  And with that I say:IMG_1876
Welcome to The Potter’s Pantry! I promise there will be cookies!
Here you can enjoy weekly menu plans, healthy recipes, recipes reviews and my fitness journey through Beachbody! There is still some work to be done but that will happen over time.
I’m not promising to post something daily BUT I will promise to do better then last time.  That really shouldn’t be hard!