Frozen Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites


I hate when my kids are sick.  I know, no one enjoys when their kids don’t feel well.  Seems like school just started and we are already out.  This is the child that hardly ever gets sick.  He came home yesterday from school with a massive headache and a high fever.  Luckily, that is all he has.  He’s eating and drinking fine.  I’ll take it over the stomach bug any day but it still makes you feel horrible when you can’t fix it and make it better for them.  It also sends me into an over the top cleaning frenzy.  My house is clean and organized to begin with (thank you OCD) but I quite literally follow them around with cleaner, cleaning anything they touch.  I can’t help it.

Any who, as a treat to help me relax and calm down in the evenings, I made frozen dark chocolate peanut butter banana bites.  Can you say that three times really fast?  They are basically like the ones Trader Joe’s sell and I believe Dole also makes some.  Except I made them.  Now you can make these with whatever type of chocolate you prefer.  I am hands down a dark chocolate girl.  LOVE IT!!  I will chose that over milk chocolate or semi-sweet any day.  You also don’t have to add the peanut butter.  That is an added bonus but let’s be real, you’re going to because chocolate and peanut butter are awesome together!

All you do is slice the bananas (I do it kind of thin because it’s really cold on my teeth if they are thicker) and freeze them for about a half hour.


Pull them out of the freezer and spoon a small glob of peanut butter or any nut butter on a slice and place another banana on top of the peanut butter to sandwich them together.


I only did half of mine with peanut butter.  I left the other half just banana and chocolate.  If you don’t want to sandwich them, you can also melt the peanut butter and chocolate together and dip them in that.  Freeze the banana bites for another hour or so till they are firm.  Melt chocolate according to package directions and remove the bites from the freezer.  Dip half (or whole if you want) the bite into the chocolate and place it back on the wax paper.  Freeze for another 30 minutes.


Violá, frozen banana bites at your finger tips!  Enjoy!


Serving Size: 3 Banana Bites

Frozen Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites

5 minPrep Time:

2 hrCook Time:

2 hr, 5 Total Time:

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  • 3 large bananas
  • 1/3 cup nut butter of choice
  • 1/2 cup melted chocolate of choice


  1. Slice bananas into slices about ¼-1/2 inch thick.
  2. Spread a little nut butter onto a slice and sandwich two slices together.
  3. Place on wax paper on a cookie sheet and freeze until solid, at least an hour.
  4. Melt chocolate and remove frozen banana bites from freezer.
  5. Dip each banana bite in chocolate and place back on wax paper. Freeze for another hour.
  6. Transfer and keep in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 2 weeks.
Recipe Type: Dessert


21 Day Fix: 1/2 P, 2 tsp, 1 Y



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